I wrote a song and sang it in front of some Teaching Artists as part of a Professional Development workshop.  I'm not one to sing in front of people but for some reason it came from somewhere deep inside because I believe that each of us can create change.  I often think that I have to do things on a large scale but even on that day I stood up in front of my colleagues and sang I was creating some change.  Below are the lyrics.  I had been struggling a lot this last year about how to use my art.  It seemed inconsequential to be writing plays to entertain and I've seen a shift in how I approach my work.  It's necessary for me to go deeper, be braver, and really truly fight with my art.  Writing is what I know.  Empathy is how I can connect with others and love is something I strive for daily.  I'm wishing everyone and anyone who is reading this to continue to lead with love and fight with their art.  It is a way to inspire, reach, and love one another in a time where the world can sometimes feel scary.