We Are All Human

I don't really know how to embrace the world we are living in today.  At times it feels very overwhelming, sad, and hopeful all wrapped into one.  Hopeful might be a strange choice of words after the narcissistic leader of our country complained about Immigrants coming to the United States from "shithole countries."  This made me think of all the wonderful seniors I was able to work with last year on our play CATCH ME IN AMERICA.  They are all from the President's idea of a  "shithole country" but I have never felt more filled with hope when I was working with them.  

We are all human.  It has to be that simple.  We have to learn to love and support each other and protect the freedom this country has promised.  I write for a living.  If I think about all of the flaws in the country and everything that has been happening I get paralyzed.  If I keep it simple and remember that I can take small actions that will create a ripple of change I feel hopeful.  So I wanted to share this video from Strike Anywhere about the project we worked on with these beautiful young immigrants.  They give me hope that one day at a time I can continue to use my writing for love and service and help create a ripple of change that will only be sustained if I continue to do it throughout my days here in this beautifully complicated world.

This time will pass, as all times have before, but it is important for me to understand that the foundation of change I'm creating because of this rock bottom situation we are living in, has to be continuous.  If we aren't learning something about our own selves in this current climate than all of this pain will have been for nought.  For anyone who read this today I love you and we need your voice.  So whatever is creating anger and fury inside of you right now keep shouting and taking small actions that will one day create large change.  Love, Amy